Ceiling Light 12W

Motion-activated ceiling light is a great lighting solution for closet, attic, shower room, shed, pantry, gazebo, RV ,etc.

Price: NT$750

Special offer: NT$750

Dimensions and Finish
Size 313Ø × 72 mm             470Ø × 72mm
Weight 350g 525g
Color New Moon White
Heat Sink Material Polycarbonate
Electrical and Photometrical data
Voltage 90V - 240V
Consumption 350mA
CRI 80
Beam Angle 60°
Wattage 12W 42W
Cool White Flux 850lm 3200lm
Warm White Flux 750lm 3000lm
Brand UBLEDs
Lifespan 30,000Hrs.
Time Delay One Minute
Effective Distance Diameter5 - 15Meters
Operating Temp. 0 - 40 ℃
Operating Humi. 20%RH - 80%RH
Certification CE